Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving is upon us

Phew! I think that I am finally kinda caught up with things........Anyone who says that weddings are easy...........well, don't believe them! Besides all of the obvious stuff.......the planning, cooking, cleaning, etc........the emotions involved! Phew! Did I mention before that I'm glad its over?.....But I also loved every minute of it?

I've returned tables and chairs, beds and bedding and all sorts of plates, serving bowls, platters, and utensils. I've written countless thank you notes to thank all the people who helped me before and during the wedding week. And still feel like perhaps I've missed someone!

I think I've caught up on my sleep. For about a week after the wedding I would wake up in a panic thinking that I needed to do something, or be somewhere, etc, etc.

Just two days ago I returned my Quilt studio to working order by removing the beds that occupied a great deal of the space and setting my tables back up. AND I got a quilt on the frames. It feels so good to be quilting again! However, I feel a little out of sync. Machine quilting needs to be practiced on a regular basis to keep up your skills. I started with one of my own quilts to get back in the groove before working on the customer quilts that I need to have finished by Christmas.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and my family is doing something different this year. We have been invited over to my son's in-laws house for a big family dinner. It feels so strange not to be cooking a turkey and all the trimmings...........I only have 2 dishes to make for the meal! Weird! Since we won't have any leftovers, and lets face it.......leftovers are the best part of the meal........we are having ANOTHER Thanksgiving-type meal on Sautrday. I"ve got a leftover turkey crockpot recipe that I am anxious to try.

We will still be doing our annual Thanksgiving bonfire tomorrow night! We are hoping that it won't be raining!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I pray that you and yours will be richly blessed and truly thankful.

Here are some pictures of people that I am truly thankful for this year

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