Sunday, September 21, 2008

There's no place like Home!

I have just gotten back from a weeklong journey.
My husband attended a computer conference in Las Vegas and I went with him.
We stayed at the newest hotel called the Palazzo which is right next door to the Venetian.
It was a fun week. What a crazy city!
We did alot of walking around and exploring the city.
I also took my trusty little Singer Featherweight and did alot of sewing!

We were on the 43rd Floor! 50 floors total!

The Palazzo had these "statues" that were really live people! And right next door was the Venetian with the singing gondolas that were INSIDE the building.

We didn't see the Blue Man group here in Vegas, but they were the headline act that was performing at our hotel. We actually saw the Blue Man Group here in Phoenix last year.

What a cool show they put on!

One of the neat things that we did while in Vegas was to go to the Las Vegas Race Track. The convention "treated" all of the people attending to a special night at the car track. They loaded up everyone on buses and drove us over there. The track featured all kinds of food and drink. (my favorite was the little lamb chops served on tiny plates of mashed potatoes and a drink called "Liquid Fuel" with Red bull, vanilla vodka and Grand Marnier) The entertainment portion of the evening was riding in fast cars around the race track. One was around the big track in nice cars. The other was on a course that featured alot of curves and speed! We had to wear helmets for that one...........oh, and the cars were Shelby Mustangs! Since most of the attendees were men they all really seemed to enjoy the fast car rides and seeing all of the specialty cars. I enjoyed the food, drink and music!

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