Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finally Finished!

Time sure does fly! Especially when you have lots to do! I finally finished up the signature quilt that I started for Brian and Jen for thier wedding. I made up white squares with the wedding colors around them and had people sign them at Jen's bridal shower. I've looked at them a few times, but have always just put them aside, unable to work on them without being reminded of the tragedy that struck just a few short weeks after their marriage. Time slowly heals our hearts and hopefully the memories of this quilt and the sentiments that it includes will bring them great joy.

The above picture shows one of my favorite signatures. Our little friend Kelly, who must have been around 7 years old, maybe 8 drew a picture with a couple kissing and a bell that says "Bing, Bong" and the words........"Have a Happy Marriage!"

We have been busy with preparations for Jenny's wedding. Jen and Jenny and Rafael and I got together and did some personlization on the guest book. We are going to have 2 of Jennys' roommates from Florida take pictures of each guest and then we'll put the pictures beside the signatures. How many times have you seen a guest book with only the first 5 pages filled. And filled with a name right after a name.........We did a little scrapbook frame for each page.

We finally finished up all of the invitations. My friend Jo, who does some beautiful calligraphy came over to help me address the envelopes. Unfortunately my camera batteries were low and the picture I took of her did not come out! But here is a picture of Jenny doing the envelope stuffing! She doesn't like to like the envelopes, so she is using a sponge!

I feel like I have been working on weddings for ages now! I've been doing a whole lot of projects for the wedding, some that my daughter really hadn't asked for........but this is the last wedding and I like to add personal touches...........SO>>>>>>>>>>> I made up these little purses for all of the attendants.

The pattern came from a book that I bought in a quilt shop in Pennslyvanna. The book is: Sashiko Handbags 14 on 14 by Nancy Shriber. Each bag is made from two 14" squares and there are 14 different options. It is a really cool book. I altered the pattern slightly, firstly.......I didn't do sashiko.........that would be the "H" word and I don't do that anymore! (Hand). I put the fabric on my longarm and did some absolutely beautiful quilt patterns on them. I also made some changes in the construction and the stabalization method. At any rate, here are some pictures of them.

I still have several wedding projects to go............I am making up a couple of bags for the Dollar Dance. I am going to try to design a bag that looks like a Brides dress and a Grooms tux. Wish me luck on that one! I also want to make up a signature quilt...........must be done by October 13......the day of the shower. I'd better get cracking on that one!

Looks like I"m going to be pretty busy..........I'd better get crackin!

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