Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will this Summer ever END?

I'm just about ready to go out this morning, but I am waiting until my No Bake Cookies set up enough to put them on a plate. I got up early this morning to make cookies and found that I didn't have enough butter, so off to the store I went.
My plans for the day is to visit a friend who is in the hospital (and take cookies!) and then go shopping for chairs for the living room (which is still in shambles!) I really wanted to get an early start today since it is going to be 105 degrees today! Will this summer ever end?
Yesterday I completed Step 2 in my Limoncello making process. I made this last year for a good friends birthday and her birthday is coming up again in November. The whole process can take up to several months (depending on how patient you are!). I couldn't find the recipe I used last year so I did a google search and found this blog with pictures:
Check it out!
Another blog that I have really been enjoying and hope to get to trying is this one:
This lady has been making and posting a Crock Pot recipe every single day since the beginning
of the year. It is a really interesting site AND you can go back and see all of the back recipes. One thing that is really neat is that she give a rating of each know.......did the kids like it.........would she make it again......stuff like that.
I'm off to brave the infernal heat............

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