Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday

It is never too early to start on a holiday quilt!
Don't ya think?
Maybe if I start this halloween quilt now I might
have it finished by October!

A few years back a group of friends did a swap with
pumpkin blocks and halloween print nine patches.
I still have some moving around to do on this design
and probably make it 3 x 5 with a couple of borders
instead of 4 x 4. 
Should be fun to work on.

My other "design wall" project this week is my February hanger.
January seems to be zooming by so very quickly I figured
that I really should at least get this cut out.

This morning I quilted a couple of little t-shirt quilts
and had a small area of backing left
so I put this scrap of minkee on the machine and let
my granddaughter Mia do a little quilting.
Now I just have to figure out what to make her out of
this scrap. 
Pillow?  beanbags?  Doll blanket?
Any ideas?

Mia loves to look at the buttons on my quilting machine.
Crafter in the making!

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God Bless,


  1. I like your idea about starting early. I'm doing a Flying geese QAL and I've been thinking about doing a Halloween pattern, okay more like a fall pattern but it has lots of pumpkins, for this. Thanks for the indirect encouragement! Toni

  2. Your header quilt is beautiful. Is it one of yours?

  3. Love the pumpkins! Maybe this will get me started on my Christmas quilts! HA! ..NOT!d