Monday, January 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Happy Monday!
Over at Judy's it is Design Wall Monday
and here at Tammy's these quilt squares are in the
process of being designed!

Yes, It's a t-shirt quilt
and I have 25 squares cut and ready to go,
and 5 more squares to go.
When you are doing a t-shirt quilt those shirts that are a full square are
just easy peasy to do.
Then you have those squares where the t-shirt emblem is not
quite big enough to fill a 15" square.
Or the emblem is TOO big to fill the  15" square.
Then you have some creative work to do to get the "odd" square
ready to fit in with the other squares. 
Kinda like making a round peg fit into a square hole!

Later today I plan on selecting the fabric to complete this quilt.
I am hoping I can find it in my stash, but I ~might have to visit
the fabric store............?

My sweet 18 month old Mia is modeling a rockin' red robe
that I made for her mother over 20 years ago!
How cool is that?
Makes me happy.

Til next time,
Piecefully yours,


  1. I love making t shirt quilts but I've never had one that ended up with all easy squares.

  2. T-shirt quilts are a lot of fun! I used mine last night.

  3. Love the t shirt quilts and they are a challenge in trying to get the designs to fit in a 15" block. You have a great start!