Monday, November 21, 2011

Hurray for mental health days!

Long contented sigh!
It's like a breath of fresh air or sitting in a meadow on a pleasant day.
Or slipping into a hot spa when you have a tired and aching  body.

My schedule has been CRAZY for the last month (as evidenced by the absolute lack of posts here!) and yesterday I took a day just for me and
spent practically the whole day in my studio creating just for ME!
I can now face the world with  a much better attitude! 

So what have I been up to the last month?  Here's a peek:

Saturday was Thanksgiving at my house
and all the kids came over and we feasted.

Jenny made this enormous apple pie.

It was delicious even tho it was sorta juicy.
(Jenny, I think maybe we should have let this pie sit a little longer before we ate it.  Maybe it just needed to be a little cooler?)

Friday night Mike and I attended a special surprise
birthday party for my good friend Sharon.
She is a sweet and sassy lady and her
husband threw her a really wonderful party!

Isn't this the most precious little girl ever?!?
I can tell you that she truly is.
We spent all of last week together while her mommy and daddy
went on a cruise to celebrate their anniversay.
Mia and I had the best time!
Here are some of the things we did:

We ate.
3 or 4 times a day!

Then we cleaned up.

We cooked together.

We played in the sand and went down the slide at the park.

I made her do housework.
(Actually she found the mop and started dragging it behind her.
I think she *might* have been telling me that the floor was
dirty and I needed to clean it!  lol)

We played with bubbles while washing our little table.
We also did some fingerpainting, but
I didn't get any pictures of that.

We went to the duck park with grandpa to feed the ducks.
Side note:  my kids used to LOVE going to the park to feed the ducks.
But when we got to this park I decided to read the big sign at
the entrance and lo and behold.......there it was clear and simple:
Do NOT feed the ducks!
We follow the rules so we didn't get to feed the ducks, but we
did get to look at them.
Now I wonder if perhaps I never read the sign when my kids
were little.  We ALWAYS fed the ducks!

We also took a trip to McDonalds to get an ice cream cone!

My week with Mia was wonderful, but very tiring.
She was up by 6am and hit the ground running every day,
stopping only for naps and food.
She is a happy, but ornery little girl.
Moves constantly and is ALWAYS looking for the next
great thing to get into.
Jenny and Rafael joke that she is a shark since sharks are always moving.
I sure do love that little girl!
Betcha didn't know that!

The week prior to watching Mia I went to
the Houston International Quilt Festival
with 6 of my quilting friends.
Another very physically tiring and overwhelming week.
But oh. so. wonderful!
The quilts were fabulous and inspiring,
the company couldn't be better and
the shopping was great too!
Here is my haul:

Thread for embroidery, stencils for quilting,
a DVD for inspiration, some embellishement goodies and
of course a little batik fabric!

So here are the other things I have done this past month:

Accompanied my husband on 4 day business trip to Long Beach.
Caramba's party to celebrate a promotion.

Boojum Tree Halloween Party.

Project Linus Sew day at my house.

Mia helped with the quilting too!

Trick or Treating with our precious baby.
(I made Mike and I's ladybug costumes.
Mike insisted on being ladybugs since Mia was a ladybug!)

Pumpkin Patch party at my house.

Carving a pumpkin with my sweetie!

Before yesterday I felt very stressed,
but now looking back over my past month
I realize how very BLESSED I am.
I'm surrounded by people I love and people who love me.
Who could ask for anything more?

Guess what?
Christmas is coming!

Quilty blessing to you all,


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  1. Really love on how you spend you're time toguether!!..A big hug!!!