Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween is coming!

That's right.....
Halloween is coming.
But you sure wouldn't know it if you stepped outside.
A few weeks back we had some teaser weather.
The temperatures dipped down into the 70's
It was fantastic and we all hoped that perhaps summer was finally over.
It was too good to be true, we all knew it was too good to be true.
Summer does not officially end here in Arizona until after Halloween.

I remember one year I planned costumes for my kids that included black sweatpants and a sweatshirt.  Halloween day arrived and the temperature
was still near the 100 degree mark.  I knew they were going to roast in those sweats so I had to go out and buy them black shorts and short sleeved shirt to go with thier costumes.

But I digress.
Halloween is right up there as one of my favorite holiday's.
I try to add one new thing to my halloween decorations every year.
Sometimes I wait til AFTER halloween and get something that the stores have discounted and sometimes I make something.

This year I made placemats.
While visiting my DIL I noticed that she had some
really cool halloween placemats on her dining room table.
Jen's grandma had made them.
So when I found some fun halloween fabric I knew
I needed to make some placemats.

And here they are.
But kinda plain don't ya think?

I fished thru my trim box and found this fuzzy black yarn
and it made a perfect little border.
 Simple. Fast. Fun!

My table is complete!

Mia is getting ready for Halloween too!

Wishing for cooler weather,

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