Tuesday, October 4, 2011

San Diego Weekend

For the last 32 years we've traveled the highways from Phoenix to San Diego.  Our car knows the way....we could do it with our eyes closed.  So many things have changed along the way, but so many things have stayed the same.
When we were invited to a destination wedding in San Diego, we were so excited to combine this happy occasion with visiting with family that live there.

One of the things I had planned for the weekend was a visit up to Temecula where their outdoor hung Quilt Show was planned for Saturday.  You can't visit Temecula without a visit to one of the local wineries.  Unfortunately unexpected circumstances derailed these plans.........too bad since adding some quilts and wine to this weekend would have just added a cherry on top to a pretty wonderful weekend.

Here is a picture from LAST year!

I've never attended a wedding that was held on the beach, so the wedding of Vanessa and Jeremy was really neat.  The weather was perfect, the food divine, and the company of friends fantastic.  I've decided that I truly enjoy weddings.  Seeing two young people who are so in love just seem to reinforce my belief that love is the most important there is. 

Mike and I danced the night away but paused briefly
for this photo to be taken.
Fun times.
After the party was over we took a walk on the beach to witness the
"Red Tide" effect. 
Awesome, amazing and not to be missed if you are near the beach.

Waves lighting up with a floresent blue light is a
sight to behold!
Here's a link if you want to read more about this beauty of nature:

Mom and I got to spend a fun day together visiting Seaport Village and discovering a new part of the city that she has lived in for almost 40 years.
Littly Italy is a quaint part of downtown San Diego that has almost a small town main street feeling.  It is filled with the wonderful aromas of Italian food cooking, and people enjoying that food sitting in little outside cafes with their dogs at their feet.

This picture does NOT do this pasta justice.
It was REALLY good!

While we had a wonderful weekend away
we really miss those we leave behind.
We are lucky to have the ability to Skype
with our sweet girl! (s)
Miss Mia toddles in and out of our vision, stopping
in briefly to show us new treasures she discovers.
I captured this photo of Mia "airing the dirty laundry".

Enjoy the coming of fall and
remember to love one another.


13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love.


  1. What a lovely weekend , the happy couple look lovely .The red tide thing looks amazing and as for the pasta yum. Mia is growing up so fast and I am so pleased to be able to see it . Hope you still got your dancing shoes on .
    Big Hugs Bec I

  2. Thanks Bec.........
    Oh, and I always have my dancing shoes on!