Saturday, September 24, 2011


Christmas before last Mike and I were given a
gift certificate from Fogo De Chao.
Tonight we finally used it!

Anticipating a large amount of food we didn't want to
eat a late dinner, so I called earlier in the day and made reservations for 4:30pm.
I know, I know.......old people eat at 4:30, but we ate a light lunch early
and by 4:30 we were both hungry.

Here is how this Brazilian steakhouse works......
They serve 2 courses.
A salad bar and Meat.....lots of meat.

The salad bar was wonderful!
Lots and lots of very fresh selections.
Beautiful salad greens, vegetables, various cheeses & breads.
Potato salad, apple salad and many others.
Sliced meats including salmon.
I don't particuraly enjoy seafood, but I always try it when offered.
Guess it is just not meant for me to like seafood......

On to the second course:

And lots of it!
They serve 15 different types of meat which
they bring to your table on a spit and carve to your liking.
During this course they also bring side dishes of
garlic mashed potatoes, crispy polenta, bread and carmalized bananas.

This is a photo of the slab of meat and the gaucho slicing tableside.
Most folks just got a slice of each of the 15 selections.
I think we tried 12 of the 15....some of which I had merely a bite.
There were several top sirloin offerings, filet mignon, filet wrapped in bacon,
chicken wrapped in bacon, little chicken legs,
sausage, ribeye, lamb chops, leg of lamb and several pork offerings.

I was stuffed!
We overheard the lady sitting at the table beside us
asking if she could have the WHOLE piece of filet mignon
instead of just a little slice. 
This was a piece of meat about the size of a man's hand....
not just the palm....the whole palm and fingers too!
She said it was her favorite.
Not a bad idea I thought.....might as well have a whole piece of
your favorite instead of little pieces of everything.
However she partook of every selection that was brought
to her table!  She must have been slipping to into a bag in her purse!
I honestly don't know how anyone could eat so much!

We scored an extra bonus.....
Phoenix happens to be in the middle of Restaurant week.
I've heard about it, but didn't really know what it entailed.
It seems that a number of restaurants offer a lowered price
and special offerings during this week.
So Fogo de Chao offered a reduced rate on our meal
AND included DESSERT!

Now I was STUFFED!
But you know I didn't turn down dessert!

Key Lime pie and Turtle Cheesecake.
(no I didn't eat BOTH of them.  one of these was Mike's!)

Would I go again?
Maybe I should answer that question tomorrow
when I am not still full!
Honestly it was too much meat for me.
If I were to do it again I would have had my salad course
and meat course together.
I would have enjoyed having the different flavors and textures
offered at the salad bar along with my meat.
Mike thought that it would be nice to have a selection of
different sauces to have with the meat.

All in all it was a great evening.
Good food, good company.
Thanks to our kiddos for such a thoughtful gift!
Sorry we took so long to use it!

Anyone want to meet meat me at the mountain tomorrow?
I really need to start hiking again!

Any guesses who might be in this ladybug costume?

Totally stuffed,

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