Thursday, July 14, 2011

Strolling down memory lane........

It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL morning here today in Phoenix.
I walked outside and it actually felt cool instead of the usual furnace blast.
What a great opportunity for a refreshing morning bike ride.  I soaked it up since we won't see many more cool mornings until about October!

Ages and ages ago I sat in an excelerated summer school accounting class.
I didn't know too many people in Phoenix having just moved here from San Diego, and I'm a friendly sort of person, so I started a conversation with the nice looking girl that was sitting in front of me.  Marla and I became fast friends.  Lifelong friends too it seems!
It was a "blast from the past" when I opened the email from Marla saying that she was in town and wanted to know if I wanted to meet up with her.........

 Don't we look like two young 20 something's here in this picture!?!

It was great to see Marla and catch up on the last 20 years......
(guess that might make us in our 40's....right?)
We started so many conversations last night and this morning I realized that we didn't finish alot of them.  So I'm looking forward to renewing our friendship.  Marla reminded me last night of a trip we took to San Diego together.....we talked the entire 6 hour ride there, 6 hours ride home and then called each other to talk on the phone after we got home!  Guess we just like to talk!

Seems like just yesterday I shared a very special day in her life.......


We were honored to have Marla join us last night as we had a small celebration for Miss Mia's first birthday!

Here is Mia with mom and dad
with her "practice" cake.
Mia is "practicing" blowing out the candle
and mom and dad were "practicing"  making
her real cake for the party on Saturday.

Jenny really wanted to make a cake using fondant icing.
She found a recipe for a watermelon cake and fondant icing
that was made from marshmellows.
I have to admit that the fondant tasted pretty good.
Mia sure liked her first taste of sugar!
She cleaned her plate.
A girl after my own heart..........

Jenny and I have been busy plotting and planning for Mia's birthday party this coming Saturday.
Pictured here are the cookies was have made.
Can you guess the theme of the party?

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