Saturday, May 21, 2011

San Francisco.....Day 2

Day 2 of our San Francisco adventure started out at the Ferry Building
at the Farmer's Market which is held every Saturday morning.
Mike, Brian, Jen and I spent a delightful hour investigating
all that the market had to offer before
jumping on a bus headed for Napa.

The flowers were beautiful

Jen found the peaches delicious

We found some fabulous ham and cheese croissants and I also
had a bag of cherries.  I've bought some cherries yesterday
here in Phoenix and believe me, they just don't compare
to the delicious ones I had in San Francisco.

Wine Tasting at our first winery.
No we didn't drink it, our server
just brought cool big bottle for a picture prop.

Still at the first winery.  Sadly I can't remember the name
of the winery, but our tasting server was Tracy and she
was WONDERFUL!  Very personable and pretty generous
with her tasting pours!

This was at our third winery.....don't remember the name of this
one either......are you noticing a pattern here? 
We did not enjoy this tasting as our "wine educator" was a
pompous  a**.  (pardon my language)
Right before this picture was taken our "wine educator" told us
that we needed to smell our wine with one nostril at a time, so I plugged
one nostril and sniffed and promptly cracked up laughing along with
Brian and Jen.  It was one of those laughing fits that you can't stop. 
Truly....we were pretty discrete about it AND we were not the only
ones in attendance that were not happy with our "wine educator".

The Andretti winery was a different story as we had
a nice tasting at a beautiful winery.
No, we didn't drink this whole bottle either.

Brian and Jen at Andretti Winery

Part of our wine tour included a 45 minute ferry ride
back to San Francisco.

Dinner and a good night's sleep.......
Bay to Breaker's run tomorrow!

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