Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dad and Grad Celebration

If you have read my blog or looked at my Facebook
you would certainly know where be Baldi's go to celebrate!

Last night we celebrated Mike's birthday AND
the Rafael's college graduation .

At Caramba's.

We did something a little different last night.
I called ahead and reserved the patio and it was
wonderful!  We had the WHOLE patio for our group
and you know what.........we NEEDED the whole patio.
It was nice to spread out and move around.

Here are some pictures of the evening:

Brian with our little precious angel.

Rafael and Jeremy with their sweet babies.

Mike and Brielle with Tony and Elsa.

Christiana, Jeremy and Eliana

Buddy and Bree, Paul and Rick, Katrina and Kathy

Nicole, Jenny, Makayla and Craig

This table was occupied by many of our neighbors
Gail and Burt with their daughter Debbie
Joe and Jan
and Berta, who is not my neighbor but a very long time friend.
And in the back table you can see Charlene and Brooke.
Brooke and Mia were good friends last night.
I heard that Mia was laughing with them. 

Mike with Brady and Brielle

Quilting friends
Linda, Carole, Jerry, Joanne
Steve and Mary

More Quilters
Bob, Ray, John
Charlene's husband (sorry....I can't remember your name!)
There never seemed to be an empty seat at this table so
I never got to sit down and chat with my quilting friends.

Our dancing buddies Bob and Sue

It was lovely to see the Forst family.
Jen and Grandma Lee
Mike  and Grandma Lou
Lou, Grandpa Jack and Lori.
Ali and Haley and Bianca's chairs were empty when I took this photo.

Rick and Vic

Besides Mike and Brian, I think that Kris is the person
that I have know that longest in this group. 

Sue and I shared a margarita

And to end this lovely story I present Miss Mia with Christiana
Mia looks like she wants whoever is behind the camera.
I'm guessing it was daddy!

My heart never fails to fill with warm happiness
when sharing an evening with friends.
My family is truly blessed.


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