Sunday, January 9, 2011

Okay.....Is this JUST WRONG......

OR do babies just put EVERYTHING in their mouth??!!??!!

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of Mia reaching for the wine bottle.
Not a single drop passed into this babe's mouth!
But it really did make for a funny picture!

This past week I watched Guy Fieri make a tasty looking german meal
called Jagerschnitzel with bacon and mushroom gravy.
He also made a homemade german dumpling and roasted carrots to go with it.
I decided to try it for a late lunch/early dinner today.
Here is the link for the recipe:

It turned out pretty delicious.
Well, at my house you can't have a german meal without a german
wine.  So I opened up a bottle of Piesporter and put it on the table with
my very favorite centerpiece.....MIA!
Mia is at the stage where she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.'s a little scary that she knows that the top of the
bottle is where she needs to put her mouth.
Wonder where she learned that?!?!?

On Saturday Mike and I and Jenny, Rafael and Mia celebrated our
last holiday party of the season at Glendale Glitter and Glow.
Historic downtown Glendale decorates the town square with millions of
lights for the Christmas season.
It is truly beautiful.
The weekend after new years they bring in lots of hot air balloons which
are tethered down, but they are lit up with fire.
This looks so Awesome!
It is fun to watch them blow up the balloons and then heat the air.
It is super crowded, but everywhere you look there are smiling faces on
old people and young people.
Kids are running around and dancing to the many bands that surround
the square.  It's just great family fun!

Mike and I with our sweet baby granddaughter at Glendale Glitters.

Another one of our favorite holiday traditions is when

Here is our neighbor Bert pouring the last layer of
Grand Marnier on the B52's

Rafael and Mike toast

Tammy and Jenny take the shot

Gail and Bert with the B52 tray.

So here is how this tradition started.....
Quite a few years ago on a Christmas day I was busy
preparing for my parents arrival later that day.
One of my "other" neighbors called and YELLED at ME
because Mike was cutting the grass on Christmas day!
It upset me SO MUCH!
I had to take something over to Gail and Berts after this call.
They were busy playing games and having B52 shots with lots
of family.  They offered me one and somehow I was not so upset after that!
A new tradition was born!

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