Wednesday, January 12, 2011


With Margarita Cupcakes!
It's 5 O'Clock somewhere!

Last week a group of us met at, where else, Caramba's
to celebrate Jo's birthday.
Jo shares her birthday with Jesus
so normally she never gets to celebrate all her own
so we decided to celebrate last week!

Since Caramba's is a mexican restaurant and we all like
their margarita's I decided to find a recipe for margarita cupcakes.

I got the recipe I used from here:
I love the pictures of the cupcakes on this site,
especially the one with the shot glass on top of the cupcake.
(I couldn't do that at the restaurant!)
I will say that I changed up the icing recipe abit and used
my well-tested buttercream recipe. 
I just used fresh lime juice in place of the milk I usually do.
I was scared, but the icing turned out fantastic!!!!!

Here's the birthday girl knocking back a few margarita's.
Actually I think she might have been drinking water or soda,
everyone just put their glasses in front of her!!!  lol

I can't end a post without a picture of my sweet baby Mia.
She just loves to visit with people.
Doesn't say much, but LOVES to just
watch what everyone is doing!

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