Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Painting the town Pink!!!

Do you like to make cakes?
Quite  a few years ago I took one of those Wilton Cake decorating classes.
I had to make a cake every week for 6 weeks.
I used to put the cake in a container on the counter
and we kept a fork right beside it and took a bite
when we passed by. 
Those were the days......
We were both really skinny back then....
Hmmmmm.......Wonder what happened?!?!

I made 5 cakes today!
But I'm afraid that we won't be sticking a fork into any of these cakes!
These cakes are made out of diapers!

I made them to use at Jenny's baby shower.
I sure do love getting my bang out of a buck!
First they will be used as decorations,
then the cakes will be taken apart and used as a DIAPER!
(I am pretty sure after that it will be thrown away....lol)

Here is a picture of the diapers I embroidered
with Mia's name.
These will also be used as a decoration
then will be put to use as burp cloths.

The nursery is coming along nicely.
I helped with a little of the trim.
I hear that the room is entirely done now
including the purple circles that are to to
in the white area which I don't have a pic of as of yet.

Have you had enough Pink yet?

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  1. Great cake and what a joy with the new ones arrivel soon. I hope all gose well and best off luck.
    Hugs Bec