Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Sew Day

Last week Kathy and I had an
impromtu quilt shop hopping day. 
We decided to check out a new
 Quilter Cafe which had opened
beside Quiltz. 
Turns out it is the new studio of Patrick Lose. 
He wanted a place where he could work and hang up all of his designs.
Then he decided that he would open up this space to quilters to come
in and have coffee, bring in and work on projects and probably some
more exciting things to come.

Hanging on the wall in this lovely shop was a baby quilt.  I decided that
I really wanted to make it and wanted to buy the pattern.  Turns out the
pattern is located in a book that is no longer being published.  So I went
home and did a little search and came up with the Book "Special Delivery"
by Patrick Lose.  Yippee!  When I got home last night the book was waiting for me!

A trip to the fabric store and I'm ready to begin this project today!

I am anxious to begin!

Last night Kathy, Carole and I attended "Area 51".  Bring in your UFO's.
It was a lovely night filled with fabric, friends, fun and food!  Carole brought in her embroidery machine and stitched up some designs.  Kathy traced and cut fabric to use in a large applique wallhanging.   I squared up some blocks for a halloween project, mended a flag and worked on a couple of blocks for my "Yikes" quilt. 
We met some new friends, Suzanne, Kelly and Sue and enjoyed seeing what they were working on.  We had yummy snacks, delightful music, a movie and even played quilt Bingo!
Patrick and Gary shared the Triple Irish Chain quilt tops that they have recently made.  Unfortunately I did not snap a picture, but I DO have a picture of one I made several years ago.

This is one of my very favorite quilts.
I started collecting purple and green fabrics a looooong time ago
and contained in this quilt is fabric that Mike picked out for me
when he was on a business trip to Kentucky. 
He passed a quilt shop everyday on his way to work and one day
he stopped in.  The ladies there were more than happy to help
him pick out purple and green fat quarters. 
They even went the extra mile and searched around in the back
to find a special square of Kentucky Derby fabric.
I made my label out of that!
And that pillow!!!!
I made that over 30 years ago!
In South Africa no less.

Time to start quilting!
Hope you get some quilting in today too!

ps.....I can't end a post without including a picture of my precious angel!

God bless!

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  1. It was a great time for us, too and hope there are many more fun times.

    She is sooo beautiful! :))