Wednesday, June 9, 2010

T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial 3

So far in this t-shirt quilt journey we have
been dealing with t-shirts that have an emblem that is the same size.
What do you do with those t-shirts that are much smaller than the others?

There are numerous way to use these shirts........
I'll be showing you one method that I use.

Three of the 50+ shirts I have for this quilt
are smaller than a 15" square

I also had a big stack of those little emblems
that you find on the front of a shirt.

So here is one of the ways I use these smaller emblems
and bring them up to a 15" size:

Remember the stack of unused shirt backs?
I take and stabalize them with interfacing
and cut them into 15" squares.

I then stabalize the smaller emblems
and cut them into a smaller square or other shape
and place them onto the stabalized 15" square.
You may be tempted to skip stabalizing the
smaller shapes but DON'T DO IT!
You will have a hard time when you applique those
shapes onto the 15" square.

I place the shapes that will be appliqued onto the 15" square
and use a water soluable glue to keep the
shapes in place
while I am sewing them down.

Hint: place a SMALL amount of glue
on the back of the shape,
(thin line or small dots in corners)
press by hand in place and
then quickly press with an iron to meld.
You could use a fusible web, but I find that these
squares are already pretty heavy from the
weight of the shirt plus the stabalizer so
why add more?

If you have one of those machines that have a variety of applique stitches
then you have alot of choices to pick from.
I used a simple zig zag stitch on some of these shapes,
but my favorite is the blanket stitch which
was used on most of them.
Now these squares are ready to be placed in the body of the quilt.

Check back next time when we will be designing the quilt top
and sewing it all together.


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