Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Sunday Morning

One of my friends on FB remarked this morning that the sun was shining and the birds were singing  (somewhere) just not where he was.
Well, Jim...........that somewhere is HERE!
It is only 6:30 am and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day.

Hey!  I hit a golf ball for the
very first time yesterday!
3rd time is a charm.
I swung two times and missed,
but I got the little sucker on the 3rd swing.
I've never really had much interest in golf
(still don't)
but my son really likes golf and was over yesterday
to help his dad with some chores and he brought
along his golf clubs so he and Mike could hit a few balls in the backyard.
Just might be my first and last attempt at golfing!

Yesterday morning I attended a 3 hour Jazzercise extravaganza!
Yep, you heard that right.....3 HOURS!
Unfortunately I only made it for 2 hours, but HEY!
that's still pretty good!
The first hour was body sculpting with
Tana and Jen.
The second hour was Jazzercise Favs with Chelsie
and the last hour was Stretching with Lynn.
Sure wish I could have done all 3 classes,
but my old body
was talking loudly to me so
I ducked out before the last class,
which unfortunately was one I really wanted to take.

Friday Kathy came over and we completed the quilt top we had started the friday before.
This quilt will be auctioned off to raise funds
for the Susan G. Koman 3Day walk.

Then we attended a small quilt gathering at Cheryl's house.
Here are a couple more quilts that were shown.
( are such a POSER!)

Guess it is time to drag my aching muscles
and creaking bones outta this chair and get to work.
We are having a baby shower for Jenny today
at the house so there is LOTS and LOTS to do yet.
More on that later........

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