Friday, April 17, 2009

T-shirt memory quilts

One of my favorite quilts to make and quilt are t-shirt quilts.
Awhile back I wrote about a lady who called me early one Saturday morning and asked me what I would charge to quilt a quilt. Well......that is a really hard question to answer without seeing the size of the quilt and without knowing how much quilting a person wants. So I started asking "What are the demensions of the quilt?", "Do you like alot of quilting or just a little?", "What type of quilt is it?, "Is it contemporary or traditional?"
Well, it turned out that this woman had not even started the quilt yet. She was taking her very first quilting class THAT VERY DAY! So I gave her a ballpark low and high cost estimate and figured that I'd never hear from her again.
So the story goes................she called me the very next evening and had her quilt ALMOST FINISHED! and needed some guidance on what I required for quilting it! As you might imagine, I was very surprised!
When she brought me the quilt she said "This might be the only quilt I ever make"................ WELL! She just picked up her 4th quilt yesterday! and when she did she brought me pictures of one of the finished quilts on her daughter's bed.
She also took it a step further and made pillow shams to match. I know that I have already posted pictures of the flat shams that I quilted, but I wanted to post the completed shams with the quilt on the bed.
It just looks so cool!

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