Sunday, January 11, 2009

FNQ night

On Friday I attended the monthly meeting of the Friday Night Quilters. We are a group of 12 women who have met for quite a few years now. Last year 4 of our members embarked on a new endevor......we started a Round Robin as shown in one of the issues of "Quilters Home" magazine.

We all started with making a center square and filling a bag with fabrics that we wanted to be used in our quilt. The square was then passed on to one of the group who added a border around the beginning square. This continued for 4 rounds.

Here are the finished quilt tops. Each quilter has the option
of adding one more additional border to her quilt.

This is Linda's quilt:

This cat themed top belongs to Sharon:

This nautical themed quilt is Kerry's:

And this one is mine:

This was really a fun project designed to stretch our creativity and also
give us a challange.

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