Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween is coming!

Today I completed our halloween costumes!


For the past 5 years of so my family have attended a really fun
party at the Boojum Tree which is owned by a really good friend of mine.

Last year we had a group costume......
we were a rock band.
We got together several weeks before halloween and tie-dyed shirts,
then we wore black curly wigs, a headband, sunglasses, hoop earrings
Oh, and we tied rocks to our beltloops so we could be a "rock band".

Unfortunately I don't have access to the pictures at the moment but we
looked really funny! Whoops, I mean "cool"
We are going as a group again this year too.
Pictures to follow in a few days..........
Earlier this week I attended my monthly Bunko meeting.
What a great group of ladies!
I am truly blessed as I have been friends with all of these gals for over 20 years!
Last night Mike and I got some dance lessons.
Our dentist whom we have gone to for ages mentioned that he
was teaching "couples dancing" to some of the people at his church.
So we have been going and doing "okay".
Mike and I have taken dance lessons several times over our 30 year marriage.
The first was when we were newly married and we went to a local country bar
and learned the 2 step. We were pretty darn good if I do say so myself.
A few years later we signed up for a ballroom dance class at the community college.
A little history here........
my husband is from TEXAS............
he is NOT a smooth
ballroom dancer.........
so when the instructor said that she noticed an "oilrigger"
I knew just who she was talking about........
A couple of years ago we did another stint at the
country dance lessons in preparation for
dancing at our children's weddings.
We are doing okay at these ballroom lessons,
but have decided that it is impossible to
make a silk purse out of a sows ear..............
I don't think we will ever be smooth
ballroom dancers........
there is just too much country in our style!


  1. I'd never get Jerry to do the dance thing. You are lucky that Mike will still give it a try...

  2. Yep, I guess I am pretty lucky that Mike will try.........but country dancing is definetly our style!

  3. I remember that you and Mike were a well danced at the wedding of Raphael and Jenny and made a beautiful couple.