Friday, September 25, 2009

It's been awhile..........

I know..........It HAS been awhile since I"ve posted anything new
on this blog.
Guess I've just been busy downstairs in my studio.
I've been sorting thru fabric and pulling out candidates
to become Micro Mitts. My pile is dwindling, so as you can
see in the basket, I've put together about 50 kits to make
new ones!
I love having these to give away.
I just hope that the people who receive them like
them as much as I do! LOL!
I've been itching to piece a quilt lately.
(let's not count how many finished quilt tops I
have hanging ready to be quilted......okay?)
So when I found these orphan Bullseye blocks mixed
in with my fabric I spent a little time and pieced
them together. Now I just need to add a border
or two and quilt it up.
It'll make a perfect little picnic quilt or car quilt
or outside swing quilt.............
I love having utility quilts that I can USE!
( I WILL need to quilt it before it is finished!)

Mike FINALLY bought a new tractor!
His old one has put in about 15 good years.
Years of mowing the lawn, pulling small trailors,
and being driven around by countless soccer players.
I've asked MIke to buy a new one for a couple of years now
to the response that the old one had a "few more good years in her".
(Hey! Maybe that is why he keeps me around! lol!)
At any rate............the old one finally died
and the grass just kept getting higher and higher
so he finally broke down and got a new one.
Doesn't it look sparkly and new?

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  1. I love my mits and like the new lawn mower. Hope all is well?
    Big Hugs