Sunday, September 13, 2009

Design Wall Monday

This lovely creation is on my design wall at the moment.

This was a round robin created with 3 of my Friday Night Quilter friends.

I created the center portion from a quilting design from

Hari Walner's quilting book and Sharon, Linda and Kerry

designed the remaining borders.

I'm trying to decide if this quilt is finished or it needs

another border.

I'm beginning to think that my huge pile of UFO's

has to do with the fact that I never seem to be quite finished

with a quilt. I always want to add something else,

or try a new technique.

Somehow I need to get over that and start getting some

projects done!!!!

Does anyone else have this problem?

I did, however, finally finish up my Anita Goodesign

Halloween quilt! Just last night I finished up the

quilting. (I put spider webs in 2 corners and little

black spiders in the orange border)

I used some glittery silver thread in small amounts

thru-out the sky and also added a few crystals just

to add a little gleam here and there.

I still have the hand sewing to do on the binding

and also the sleeve to sew down, but I've got a quilt

retreat coming up and that will be a perfect place

to sit and do some hand sewing.

I've recently encountered a problem in using

this yellow chaco marker made by Clover.

I used it on the white t-shirt quilt square below

with disasterous results.

When I was all finished quilting this quilt for a customer

I wanted to remove the yellow circles I had drawn on

this square to mark the lollipops that

Barbara wanted on this square.

I tried brushing it off

I tried rubbing it with a damp cloth

I tried rubbing it with a damp cloth with Carbona stain remover soap

Desparate now since the above methods had produced a

water-type stain

that had spread and discolored the area around the lollipops that

STILL had yellow marks on them..........

I turned to the Machine Quilting Professionals list for advice.

The advice I received there was to use a diluted mixture

of Oxyclean and a toothbrush.

That STILL produced a water stain.

One of the gals on the list had received this advice from


Yellow marks will come out with washing.

Since it was a customer quilt I did NOT want to wash it,

but I finally asked permission to dunk the offending square

into water and lay it flat to dry.

This removed most of the yellow and all of the water stains.

However you can see from the close-up of the square below

there is still yellow that remains.

I've since heard from the list-owner who contacted

Clover directly that 5 parts water and 1 part vinegar

will remove this marking.

So beware!

Click on the "Design Wall Monday" title to check out

Judy Laquidera's blog where you can take a peek at the

design wall of other quilters!


  1. I hear you I also had the same problem with the blue chalk and never did get it totally out of the quilt.

  2. I have the same problem with knowing when a quilt is done. Especially with quilting.

  3. Very pretty quilts!
    I think if you leave it to finish it later then you get more ideas, maybe try to work on 2 or 3 quilts and concentrate to get them done before starting a new one. Just I thought it might help! Have fun!

    Happy sewing!


  4. I think the quilt at the top is 'done'. Then, you can move onto something else!!
    No, seriously, I think that the quilt looks finished. It looks quit lovely to me, very pretty.

    What do you think??? I like it as is.

  5. Finally finished the Halloween quilt and it looks GREAT!! So do all the others. Let's pick a day to get together. I want to see our done stuff in person! Carole

  6. Sandra - I am so sad to hear that you had problems with blue chalk. It is scary sometimes to mark a quilt!

    Kathy - Good luck with your "problem" Maybe we should start a help group! We could encourage each other!

    Zlaty - Thanks for the compliment about the quilts. Unfortunately I have a BUNCH of quilts that need to be finished! But I have been trying to focus on a couple and try to finish them up!

    Brenda - sometimes I look at this quilt and think it is done and sometimes I want to add one more border. Porportionally I wish that the last border was just a little bigger. I guess I'll look at it a while!

    Carole - SO glad you are home! We really need a sewing day! I saw your Halloween quilt displayed at 35th ave! NICE!

  7. I have also had promblems with the blue chalk and now just use soap pencils. Its so sad when that happens to a customers quilt. I am pleased it all turned out well.
    Big Hugs

  8. Bec, it is SCARY when it happens to a customer quilt! What sort of soap pencils do you use? Do they wash out?