Monday, September 28, 2009

Design Wall Monday

This quilt named "The Journey" is
currently on my design wall.
I believe that this quilt pattern was inspired
by Frank Lloyd Wright.
It is next to go on the quilting frames and I
am in the process of trying to decide what to
quilt on it!
The quilts owner, Jennifer, would like me to
quilt a foot in the large circle surrounded by black.
Other than those instructions I am on my own.
I have did a little web searching trying to get inspiration
and have only come across Frank Lloyd Wrights
stained glass quilting. I am not sure that the straight
lines of that pattern would fit on this quilt.
At the moment I am considering doing a variety of sizes
of circles and squares in the outer regions of this quilt.
Would sure appreciate any other suggestions!

I've recently finished another of Barbara's t-shirt quilts.
This one is for her eldest grandson and is a Christmas gift!
One of the things that I enjoy about Barbara's quilts is that
I get to really cut loose on the quilting. She likes for me to
incorporate images that relect the boys interests.........

It is hard to make out on this small picture, but there
is a bear catching a salmon quilted into the bottom
right hand corner of this block.

On the bottom of this square I quilted an open book
with a stack of books right beside it.
Other squares feature hot air balloons, dinosaurs,
dragons, the disney castle, hockey sticks, baseball bat
and get the is pretty fun to do!

As should go and check out Judy Laquidera's Design Wall Monday blog:


  1. In the current Quilt Mania there is a quilt similar to the circle quilt on your design wall. They have several different ideas for quilting that one, you might like to look at.

  2. Love all your stuff!! I have some goodies here for you and your D1. Found some extra stuff while re-organizing my sewing room. Carole