Monday, July 27, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Dancing Stars
A Cozy Quilt strip club pattern by Daniella Stout

My design wall contains a quilt top that needs some borders.

I just got back from the Long Beach Quilt Festival yesterday

and this was a quilt that I put on the wall to measure so I could

figure out what fabric I needed to purchase to complete this quilt.

Well, I didn't get the fabric for this quilt, but I sure did come back

with my head full of ideas for existing Phd's (Projects half done)

and future quilts AND ideas for quilting existing tops!

Tomorrow I'll be posting stories and pictures about the quilt show.

But for now I'm off to get some QUILTING (!) done!


  1. I am quilt jumping tonight and loved your blog. I just finished my first quilt top, it is on my blog now. I was wondering if you quilt for the public? I am afraid to try and quilt my quilt myself, I have a old machine and I just am afraid I can not do it, and am looking for someone who can quilt it possibly for me. My email is on my blog....thanks in advance!! I wish one day I could own a long arm....

  2. Hello ColoradoLady,
    Yes I do quilt for others.
    I saw your quilt on your blog last's a beauty and BIG!
    Looks like you did a very good job for your first quilt!
    Just a warning! Quilting is addicting!

  3. Stunning colours...very dramatic it!