Monday, September 8, 2008

Wow! What a weekend

We celebrated Jenny's 23rd birthday yesterday even tho today is her birthday. We went to a family style Italian restaurant called Buca De Peppo and sat at the kitchen table. We could watch all the dishes being prepared and then they were all brought by our table so we could see them close up. After dinner we went to Jenny and Rafael's apartment and had a bite of this chocolate cake that Rafael baked.

Earlier in the day I attended a baby shower given by my friend Katrina for her daughter Tana.

My gift to Tana was the quilt top pictured below. This quilt top was designed so that shower guests can sign in the little white squares and be a rememberance for the mother and child for years to come.

As you can see I have finally finished painting in my living room. My couch now matches the walls. I have spent a good deal of time lately shopping for chairs and curtains to complete the decor in this room. Mike still wants me to paint some sort of texture technique on the wall, but I want to get the other components in the room before I decide on what color to do. The carpet man comes tomorrow! Silly me.........I thought that I could just buy a new sofa and all the other old stuff would still work! What was I thinking?

Mike has been busy outside...........our back porch used to be enclosed by screening, but with age and such it has really been looking unsightly lately. So he has been taking the screening and extra boards off and re-enforcing/creating some main support beams so the porch can be open. Here are some pictures of the project in progress.


During construction:

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