Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Really neat baby shower game!

Yesterday I went to a baby shower held at Mimi's cafe for the daughter of a friend of mine. It was your typical baby shower.........nice lunch, mom-to-be opening her gifts..........until it came time to play the baby shower games.........My friend Katrina arranged for one of her friends to give a nice talk and showing of antique baby items. Below is one of the pictures of an infant cloak from the 1880's! It was really very interesting. If you would like to see all of the pictures taken you can go to this link and see them: http://community.webshots.com/album/566715590hpAMiE?start=0
Also of interest is that Pat Stark (the women who gave the presentation) will be appearing at the Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek on Friday October 10 from 4-6PM to feature Vintage clothing dating form 1900-1970. It would be really neat to see.
Here are a few more embroidered t-shirts. One is for a friend who loves to quilt by was raised on a dairy farm in Iowa. (can you guess which one?) The other is for a friend who is building a Christian kids camp in Kauai. The name of the camp will be Akua Makana Lani (God's Heavenly Gift) AND they are shephards over many sheep there! I haven't sent it out to them yet, so I hope my friend does not read this and spoil the surpirse!

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