Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Mike and I's 29th wedding anniversary!
I don't think we are going to be doing anything special
besides perhaps going out for a nice dinner later on tonight.
We have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo many projects to work on at the house,
so I think that most of the day will be spent working on
taming some of the chaos within these walls!

I spent the morning doing a little embroidery on my new sewing machine
AND finishing up a project that I started over a year ago!
As you can see in the pictures below I made a label for the engagement quilt
that I made for Jenny and Rafael.
Since they are getting married in under 80 days now
I figured that I really should finish up the Engagement quilt!

As you can also see in the picture I have a one dollar bill with the label. This is an old custom. Early quilters used to sew a coin into the corner of thier quilts.
It was thought that this would bring wealth to the person who received the quilt.
Or........that they would never be broke since the coin was sewn into the layers of the quilt.
Usually I would sew a coin into the layers,
but I forgot until my daughter
reminded me about this.
I had sewn a coin from the year 2000 into my Millenium quilt
but unfortunately the coin was fairly heavy and it made a hole
in the fabric of the back of the quilt and worked its way out.
So this time I decided to sew a dollar bill under the label.
Hopefully I'll have better luck with that!

I did a little research online this morning and could not find any written evidence of this custom. However I did find a really neat Quilt History site. This site is chocked full of articles about the rich custom and folklore of quilting. Check it out here:

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