Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MadHatter 4 Life!

A few years ago.........actually QUITE a few years ago my husband coached a girls soccer team called the MadHatters. They were together for several years and formed a really special bond. They were a pretty good soccer team, won alot of games and such, but what they were really good at was socializing. Mike organized training hikes to be followed by a stop by Zuka juice. We had Soccer olympics at the beginning of the season and always a pot-luck picnic with the parents at the beginning and end of the season. We did a camping trip with some of the hatters and parents. We also hiked and camped down near Havasupi Falls. We had bonfires. There was always a Christmas break sleep-over.

Why am I writing about this? Well, when you form that close of a bond with people, even tho they are not part of your daily life anymore, you still wonder about them........what they are doing and such. So my friend Kathy and I started talking about having a MadHatters reunion.

It took place last night at one of my favorite places..........Caramba's!
Wow! was it ever GREAT seeing the girls all grown up!

Here are some of the pictures from the evening:

Seven of the Hatters attended

Nicole, Jennifer, Lacey, Kim

Amberle, Vanessa, Jenny

One is married, one has a baby, one has just started the nursing program, one is a second grade teacher, one is a biology major with a job at AZ game & fish, one just got back from South Africa helping the poor, and one is engaged!

It was really great to see them and learn about the wonderful adults they have become!

This picture includes the Hatters plus MIke, the coach and Paul and 3 of the brothers who were a big part of the team!

The parents were an awfully big part of the success of this team.

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