Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Woo Hoo!

I received an email from a friend and quilt client this morning telling me that she entered her (our) quilts into a show in Indiana and both quilts won a ribbon! I am so VERY EXCITED!

This is what she said in her email.............

Hey girl.. you're a winner! The redwork got a blue and the patriotic got a red ribbon. If I would have had my head on straight I would have entered the patriotic under "machine quilted". In this neck of the woods, they don't care who quilted or who entered. Trust me, you would have won...hands down. It just didn't seem fair to enter under my name. All of my friends were impressed with your quilting. In fact I went to the local quilt shop to get binding fabric and they thought you had a computerized quilting machine!!!! I'm not sure if they belived me when I said you did it on your own. I guess there is a $40,000 computerized quilting machine now. It will never compare to your artistic work.

I'll be handing out your cards at a workshop this week end and have made a few new friends in the quilting world, so maybe you'll have some Indiana customers soon.
Here are the winning quilts! I know I've put them in this before, but here they are again!

This is the house quilt that I just finished up last week. Now I am working on a pretty blue and brown baby quilt. Hopefully that will be finished today.

I have so many projects going right now my head is spinning! We got a new couch for our living room and darn it.........the color of the walls clash with the color of the couch. So now I have to paint the living room! Oh! and its a living room/dining room combined so it is really BIG! Oh, and everyone wants it to be faux painted..........NOT just reagular straight painting! I've also been doing some patching and touch up paint around the windows in my studio where my husband put in new double pane windows. I really enjoy painting so I guess I"ll be okay! Just wish there was more hours in the day so I could QUILT and Paint! Guess I should get busy!

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