Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank you notes......

I ususally end my posts with a picture of my sweet Mia,
but today I will begin with her!
Here we are putting the icing on a Snickerdoodle cake.
As you can tell she is having a great time
and *most* of the frosing went on the cake!
This is a rare happy photo of Mia.
I know, I know, you have seen tons of happy pictures of Mia,
but when she is focused on a task she is very serious about it!

While it is never enough (for me) about Mia,
the real focus of the post is about the precious
and beautiful artwork that you can see
on the refrigerator behind us.
These lovely pictures were made by Jen's little nieces Cate and Abby
thanking me for making these candy turkeys for them.

I was very touched by their pictures and letters
(mom wrote the words that they said).
This wonderful mom is teaching her children
to be thankful and to say it in their own words.
The world sure needs more of this right now.

Hmmmm......I wonder if there are any thank-you notes I need to write?

Cute, cute, cute Thanksgiving Day kids!

Christmas blessing to you,

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  1. It has become a lost art! I applaud the mom for teaching her girls this graceful gesture at such a young age.