Monday, January 11, 2010

The day is done

What a day this has been.
I am plum worn out!
I'm pretty sure that I will sleep
really well tonight.
I ended the day with a jazzercise class, but
before that Mike and I went on a 2 mile hike.
This is a picture from the top of mountain.
Can you see those mountains in the distance?
They stretch from one side of the picture to the other.
Those are the mountains I will be hiking in 2 weeks!
Phew! I've got ALOT of training to do!

Fall has finally come to Phoenix.
I spent some time in the garden today fertilizing my
tomato's and other plants.
It was really a lovely day here today with temperatures
in the 70's.

Kathy's quilt is on the frames ready to be
quilted. I'll work on that tomorrow.

I've been spending all of my extra time learning
my new laptop and new embroidery software.
Here is what I embroidered today.
I could see it on the large screen of the laptop
instead of that little screen on the sewing machine.
Remember those baby halloween outfits that I bought
at Burlington Coat Factory?
Here is the cute Pirate one.....

Remeber the great bargain?

Today I added an embroidery to
the back side of the outfit........

So cute!

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