Wednesday, June 2, 2010

50 Marathons....can you imagine?

Phew!  I've spent a busy day today
working on t-shirt quilts.

This morning I loaded Maryanne's t-shirt quilt onto the longarm and started the quilting process.

I designed and worked on a couple of embroideries in the morning.
They are drying right now and not quite picture ready yet.

A couple of months ago Cindy brought me 2 huge bags filled with t-shirts so I could make a t-shirt quilt for her husband.  So my afternoon and evening was filled with preparing these shirts to become a wonderful quilt.

I am really excited to make this quilt because it is going to be filled with so many memories.
Here's the story:
Cindy's husband Mike decided at age 40
to run a marathon
in each of the 50 states before his 50th birthday.
Do the math......10 years.....50 marathons....
That's 5 marathons a year folks!
Can you imagine????
Well I'm pretty impressed!

So my challenge this week is to design a quilt to represent
each and every marathon shirt.
I'm thinking that it is going to be one HUGE quilt!

Follow my journey with the tutorials I will be posting in the
next couple of days.............

Happy Quilting!

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