Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

We were on the way to a Mother's Day brunch when
we came across this guy out on a ride with his DOG!
Can you see the little pug with his head sticking out
of the pack on the back?
He was loving it!

Here is a picture of the fam on Mother's day.
Dang!  It looks like I'm shrinking!
I thought that happened when you were an
old lady!!!

On the quilting front:
It's been awhile since I've posted
pictures of the quilts
I have worked on.
It's not like I have not been working,
it's just that I have not had pictures to post!

Here is Barbara with her t-shirt quilt that she
made for her grandaughter Mia.
I think that this is Barbara's 7th t-shirt quilt
in 2 years.

Here is Joan with her 2nd t-shirt quilt.
This is for her grandaughter BriAnn.
Barbara is Joan's teacher!

Jennifer came to pick up this One Block Wonder quilt yesterday.
I quilted a Garden Branching type of overall pattern on the
center of this quilt and a really pretty leaf vine on the black frame.
This quilt will be used as an auction quilt to fund
a trip to Uganda.
Jennifer is going there to teach nurses how to help in the birthing process.

This is Liz's quilt and will also be used as an
auction quilt
for the same Ugandian project.

Yet another auction quilt!
My friend Kathy made this quilt and we
will be donating this to our friend Tana who
is raising money to walk in the
Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer walk.

Guess that's it for now.
Time for a bike ride.

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