Thursday, May 20, 2010


It was still just a little chilly
but I jumped in quickly
and it was simply AMAZING!

Today was the first day I braved the pool.
I was so happy to swim in my nice blue pool!

Sounds kinda silly I know, but for the last several
years we have battled and battled to keep our pool
blue.  It would turn green at the drop of a single leaf.

See that beautiful tree right beside the pool?
Well it drops things ALL YEAR LONG!
This time of year we get the puff balls.
After the puff balls come the long seed pods.
And after the long seed pods come thousands
of itty bitty leaves just a little larger than a pin head.

Take a close look at the pool
See all those green floating things?
Puff balls....
Lots of em.
See the ladder?
and the chain saw?
Wanna guess what happened to the tree?

We absolutely LOVE trees!
but this one just had to go!
It just had NO PLACE near a pool!
The pool has been beautiful since the tree came down
and I'm looking forward to lots of swimming time
and NO GREEN POOL this year!

I've been working really hard on quilts lately
so I should have some pictures posted soon!
Come on back and have a look.

Quiltingly yours,

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