Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do you have a green thumb?

For years I've tried and tried to develop a green thumb.
I'm beginning to think that a green thumb must be something
you are born with and not something you can learn.
But you know what?
I keep trying!

About a month ago I planted some sweet pea seeds
in one of those seed starting trays that you can buy.

See?  It says Professional!
That's me alright!

This is what the plants looked like just a few days after planting.

Yesterday I transplanted all those little plants into thier own little pots.
And I'm just crossing my fingers hoping that I can keep them alive
and thriving for another few weeks or so.
I'm hoping to use them as decorations for a gathering I am having.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were actually flowering?????
I know, I know...Wake UP!
I must be dreaming again!
Hope springs eternal in my soul!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you for not giving up - it encourages me to hang in there with the gardening thing. I will keep fingers crossed for both of us! I just tell myself it's about taking baby steps, like growing lettuce in a pot on my sill and if that works, I will grow a salad garden. It also helps to have a good resource, I like Gardening Made Easy
    as it's written for people for whom gardening doesn't necessarily come easily or naturally.