Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anita Goodesign Workshop Day 2

Pictured here are Steve Wilson
founder and chief digitizer for Anita Goodesign
and Aundrea Flores.
These two are a lively and fun pair and
made the 2 day Phoenix workshop both
educational and entertaining!
At the moment they are modeling their
stylin' red valentines shoes and socks!!

I was really taken with the story about how
this company was started by Steve at the tender age
of 20 and the process of naming it.
Anita was his grandmother's name
and every one needs a "good design"
(I need a good design....get it?)

Kathie was our workshop princess
working hard to make sure we had all the supplies
we needed and I'm sure did a zillion other
things that we attendees were unaware of.

Kathie is pictures here with Mr. Pat Mulqueen,
owner of Mulqueens Sewing Center and sponsor
of the Anita Goodesign Phoenix workshop!

These were all the ladies who sat at my table.
We had a good time making numerous cool projects.
This is my favorite:

This sweet bag was made entirely "In the Hoop"
A brand new concept for embroidery for me.
Can you believe that the zipper was sewn in
while still in the hoop and on the machine?
Pretty cool.
I'm looking forward to making this one again soon!

But for now I think I'm off to get some sleep.
I was planning on trying to get a couple of designs
stitched out tonight, but after watering and fertilizing my
tomato plants, fixing dinner, and transfering the designs
to a disc my eyes are drooping
and you know what they say:
Tomorrow is another day!

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