Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Tuesday night.....

And I'm still blogging about Monday!
What's up with that?
First off I want to thank the ladies who left comments
regarding the quilt on my design wall.
I think that instead of a piano key border a simple
black border between the red and yellow will be just right!
Thanks for the suggestion.
Now to find the time to sew it together!
If only I didn't have to sleep!
This is the quilt that was on my frames yesterday.
I've actually finished it today, but have not taken a photo
of it yet. It has a really interesting and poignant story.
The lady who brought the quilt to me said that the nurses
at her hospital made the quilt for one of the doctors who
was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatments.
Each block has a heart with senitments written on it and each
heart is appliqued to fabric that was cut from thier scrub shirts.
With each quilt that I quilt I try to infuse alot of love and care
into each stitch. This quilt was doubly so. This one really touched
my heart.

I have finished the final 3 blocks

of Anita Goodesign's Loveables appliques.
Now I will design a quilt top using them,
which will be really fun!

Tonight I went to my friend Jo's house to play Bunko.
Blessed.........I am truly blessed to have such nice friends.
Here is Joanne, the lucky winner of the $36 LCR game.
I think that she also won with most bunkos.
She had so much money on her she needed a security guard
to see her to her car! Lucky lady. I'm so pleased for her!

Here we all are......
Bunko Babes
January 2010


  1. This a beautiful post, Tammy. I am sure that this quilt will be very beautiful because God rewards lovely people like you. About bunko, I wish I could play some day looks very interesting.

  2. What a wonderful story of the heart quilt. I am sure you made it even more beautiful with each stitch you made. Love the embroidery. Cute designs... I think I've seen those somewhere. They are cute stitched out. Carole