Monday, October 19, 2009

It's time to pay the Piper..........

A week ago Monday I boarded a cruise ship bound for the unknown.......
well, not really........ I knew that we were going to
Catalina Island and Ensenada.
We did this same cruise last May, except that it was in the
height of the Swine Flu epdemic and we didn't get to
go ashore in Ensenda...........
this time we did!
We got to do the mandatory life boat drill...........
Our friends Paul and Kathy went on this cruise with us
and we had a blast.
The shows were wonderful, there was a really funny comedian,
and a FANTASTIC hypnotist.
Kathy and I attended BOTH of his shows.
We took a speed boat tour in Catalina
(I got stung by a yellow jacket!)
and in Ensenda we went on a winery tour.
Now if you have ever been on a cruise ship
you know about the tasty
food that is very plentiful!
I spent the week BEFORE the cruise dieting just
so I could eat and
not feel TOOOOO guilty about it.
Lost 6 pounds...........
Well, wouldn't ya know it..........
those 6 pounds found me on the cruise!
So now I am paying the piper and am carefully
watching what I eat again.
It was worth it!
Before the cruise we attended a Coyote's hockey game
with some friends and our kids.
Brian came over earlier in the day with his recused
greyhound, Audrey.
Here she is smiling for the camera.
Doesn't Brian look like a proud daddy?

MIke and I were backup players for the game.
Ya right........
Here we are posing for pictures.

This was the Coyote's 1st home game of the season
and everyone in the place was wearing white in support
of the team. There has been quite alot of controversy
about the possibility of the team not playing in Phoenix anymore,
but being sold and moved to Canada.
There was a ton of fan support for this opening game..........
unfortunately we lost...........Hopefully they can turn that
around and keep the support of this town.
I know that my husband and kids would be sad if the Coyote's left town.
On the quilting front..........
I"ve recently finished up two quilts for Maryanne.
She has been out of town all summer and is really anxious to
see her quilts, so I promised her I would post pictures on my blog
so she could at least see pictures of them since she won't be back in
town for several more weeks.........
So they are!

Detail shot of the quilting on the back:

This Bullseye quilt was made for her husband Ken.

Detail of quilting on the back:

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  1. I am pleased to hear that you had a great time. I have never seen a ice hockey game, althought I did play grass hockey when I was younger. They are not as violent as they make them out to be in the movies are they? Love the quilts take care hugs Bec