Friday, September 11, 2009

A Fish out of Water

While in Juneau Alaska I went into a quilt shop
and saw this wallhanging made up and I really liked it.
So I bought the pattern and this is the result............
This is one of those patterns where you START with
your quilt sandwich and lay the pattern pieces
(which you have made from freezer paper)
onto the quilt sandwich and sew them down
with a STRAIGHT stitch leaving the edges raw.

I decided to just put it on the longarm and sew
the pieces using it instead of the DSM.

Now, you may remember in an earlier post
I mentioned that I DID NOT like that this salmon
was jumping out of the water and I intended to
re-arrange these fish and put him IN the water!

How silly!
Fish don't jump out of the water!
Well..........they do!
I just looked and looked at all of my Ketchiken pictures
and I can't find a single one of the fish fully jumping out
of the water............But that doesn't mean that they didn't just means that my photography was quite
good enough to catch them!

So on my wallhangings the salmon
jump out of the water as well!
This little quiltlet will be sent off soon for
the Good Ol' Summertime swap.


  1. It is very beautiful. Who would really love to learn quilting is me. This a great job. But only, I want to make a scrapbook with quilting theme, LOL!! Hugs, Sita

  2. Sita, I am sure that you would be GREAT at quilting!