Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Bunko

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
I remember reading a question once asking if they have Cinco de Mayo
in other countries.
You can over-think that question..............It is a Mexican holiday.........
but Cinco de Mayo is actually just the spanish was of saying May 5th,
so of course other countries have Cinco de Mayo!
Like many holidays it has turned into a drinking holiday............
I heard it called Cinco de Drinko and Cinco de Mayhem today.
I had bunko at my house tonight. I'm beat! I think I must be getting old.
YIKES! Bite my tongue!
I've maintained for years that I would NEVER get old!
Anyway, back to bunko...........
Bunko is a dice game........simple, easy......but mainly just a
really good excuse to get together once a month with friends
to chat, eat, drink and of course, play bunko.
I started this bunko group a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.
We can't exactly remember when, but our best guess is 1996.
The group consists of 12 women and over the years we've had
ladies come and go, but we have a core group of about 6 of us
who have been together from the start. It makes my heart happy.
Bunko has changed over the years. We always like to try different
things to keep it exciting. We started off just having snacks on the table and dessert. Along the way we decided to dinner AND snacks on the table and dessert. We've had a Loser bag, where everyone brings a small item and the "loser" gets the contents of the bag. We've added LRC....another game where the winner goes home with $36!!!! (It's nice to be the winner!)
Tonight I started the "Traveler". My "traveler" was a pink pig in honor of the recent swine flu outbreaks chosen because well, it WAS Cinco de Mayo and the swine flu originated there and has been traveling! Whenever anyone rolled 3 "5's" they yelled "Traveler" and the pig was tossed to them! The person with the pig at the end of the night got a prize.
The group decided tonight that the prize would also "travel" to the next winner next month. Fun!
I think I"m looking forward to bunko next month.............it's at someone
else's house!

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