Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Countdown begins

Well, it is less than a week until the big day! We've been working toward this wedding for sooooooo long now! I must say that I'm getting pretty excited, but even more than that I am feeling pretty tired. It's barely 8:30pm and I feel like I could fall asleep in an instant and sleep til morning.

I haven't really been doing anything too exciting.........just making curtains and cleaning. But last night Mike and Jenny and Jenfo and I went to the hockey game. That was fun. Brian took Rafael and some friends out for an "over 21" bachelor party.

The night before I had my FNQ friends over. We had a nice quiet evening that was really relaxing and fun. I sure do love those ladies! Here is a picture of Cheryl with my kitty Betsy. Also one of Katrina trying to pour my homemade Limoncello with the cap still on. Maybe she had already had "one too many". Nah.........

Today was a really heartwarming day. Actually it was a pretty weird day! It started out kinda overcast, like those days in San Diego when the sun doesn't come out until afternoon. So the sun came out and it was an absolutely beautiful day.......Mike was outside doing yardwork, Brian and Rafael came over to help in the afternoon.......then all of a sudden we start hearing thunder!!!!! It just looked like it was a big ole cloud that was going to pass us over. Then lo and behold it started raining........and raining hard! We dashed about getting things under cover. And while we were doing that it started HAILING! It was amazing! The boys did ALOT of work in the yard today including building me a really cool firepit!

Mike saved Betsy from the Hail!

Ducking for cover.........

My new gas powered firepit.

I did alot of work in the kitchen today. I baked lemon cookies, banana bread, Rosemary bread, Penne Pasta salad, Napa cabbage Salad, peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge. The girls made the dough for buckeyes and bonbons. We tried out all of the recipes for the Luau to be held next Sunday. The girls also worked on my wine label wall. I've been collecting labels for YEARS! I think they did a great job!

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