Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Estate planning

Man o Man, last night my husband drug me to an Estate planning meeting. I did NOT want to go. I wanted to sit at home and watch Dancing with the Stars and work on beading my daughter's wedding veil. Well, I went to the Estate Planning workshop. I was not on my best behavior I'm ashamed to say. So I wasn't kicking and screaming, but I wasn't my usual pleasant self! Basically what I really wanted to do was put my head in the sand. Estate planning is not a very pleasant subject. However..........the meeting was informative and really something that needs to be done. So, grudgingly, I'm glad I went.

Finally my Living room has some color and is not longer only VANILLA! I've also finally found some curtains and some fabric to make a valance!
This is a picture of the accent wall I painted. I also painted over the green wall that I worked so hard on earlier. It just was not ri ght. The new turquoise color is great!
My kids came over on Sunday and we worked on our Halloween costumes. We are going as a group this year! I can't really say what we are going to be just yet, but we sure had a great time working on the project! I always love it when we get together with all the kiddos! Sure do love them! Brian and Jen had just participated in a kick ball game at thier church and Jenny and Rafael had just returned from, yet another and thier final bridal show!

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